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The Canary District: Toronto's Future Hotspot

The Canary District is already destined to become a mainstay destination for Torontonians. The area is new, it's well planned, and offers a great sense of community mixed with small local businesses. The location is obviously a factor as well. Directly adjacent to the historic Distillery District, and just south of both King and Queen, you can see why Dundee Kilmer had no issues selling out all their inventory. 


As it stands, the Canary is a perfect neighbourhood. None of the buildings are over 13 storeys, there are no large stores or even chains within the community, as well as dog walkers and cyclists being well facilitated. All this creates that sense of community that you witness in commercials or sitcoms. Well balanced community aside, as previously mentioned, the location is just fantastic. Walking from the Canary to Yonge/King is a brisk 15 minutes. Along they way, you'll pass every single type of amenity or entertainment you'd want, multiple times.


Pre-Construction started here in 2012, with Canary District, continued with Canary Park, and now we're witnessing construction on both Commons and Block. The location initially sold this area, but Dundee Kilmer did a fantastic job of following up on their community-oriented promises, and actually delivered on their forecast. The final phase of Canary is now coming almost 8 years after the first, and demand is huge. In fact, we have more clients interested in this project than, well, any other project we've sold before. 


So, if the Canary District is already doing so well, what could possibly push it even further in the future? Oh boy. This neighbourhood is about to become a Toronto classic. Right now, across the DVP, there's nothing. Right now, South of Canary, there's nothing. Fortunately, this is all set to change. The Canary is going to become a centerpiece location due to enormous future development of the East side of Toronto. Two incredibly ambitious developments are going to engulf the Canary surroundings; East Harbour, and Sidewalk Labs' technologically clad East waterfront.


Read more about East Harbour


What essentially will happen, is that the Canary will become one of the premiere areas in the city. It'll end up placed directly between downtown, and new developments that'll hold over 50,000 new jobs. Not only will prices in the Canary absolutely skyrocket, but it'll be forced to develop even further in terms of amenities and transportation. 


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