26 mar

Let's talk about East Harbour

   Just East of the Don River and the DVP, there's a whole lot of... nothing. You may at some point over the last couple years have heard of East Harbour; a new expansion of the city into the East. First Gulf, the commercial arm of Great Gulf, is the behemoth developer behind the plan to transform over 60 acres of empty space into a massive mixed-use multiplex of retail and office space.


  With a 1% vacancy rate in downtown office space, it makes a whole lot of sense to create a dedicated office hub within close proximity of the core. With thousands of new tech jobs coming to Toronto year after year, a new area specifically created to accomodate this growing industry would help stretch out the city, as well as trigger improvements in transit infrastructure moving West to East. 


East Harbour


Amazing offices and retail spaces aside, one of the major new developments in East Harbour is a Transit Hub. The goal is for the East Habrour hub to be the best served transit option outside of Union Station. Plans to incluse both local and regional transit connections, including Regional Express Rail, SmartTrack, Broadview LRT, Queen’s Quay LRT and the Relief Line subway, make for a remarkable focal point of transportation options. Plans also include a PATH like system, allowing easy movement within the locality of East Harbour.


It comes without doubt that the development will have an enormous impact city-wide. With backing from both the City of Toronto, the Mayor, and news outlets cross-country, this mega-project seems absolutely set on transpiring one way or another. We can expect a whole new hosts of developments over the next several decades to accomodate the areas directly adjacent to the East Harbour.

East Harbour Development

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