We are a team of brokers with decades of experience in the Toronto Pre-Construction market. 

The Team

Michael Cormack is a self made success story known for his investment prowess and intricate knowledge of Toronto. With over 20 years of personal experience, he sought out team members with the drive and ability to build the firm that can effectively translate investment guidance into success. 


Together, Mike and his team have a full spectrum of capability, from receiving VIP insights from Developers, to effectively selling projects to investors and home buyers. 

The Work

We're not here to sell a product. We are here to show both new and seasoned investors how to properly navigate the Toronto market. We provide a hands-off experience, meaning we do all the work. Too many people vaguely gain an idea of what they want to invest in, find the first broker they see, and have them sign. These initial poorly composed decisions can lead to hinderance or even losses on your financial future.


We believe in the long term. Every decision ties into the next. We have enormous experience in pre-construction, let us guide you.


Remember, we work for you, but you don't pay anything. We are paid by the developers.

The City

Toronto is the fastest growing city in North America, and there's a reason for that. We are a very special city, drawing thousands and thousands of new residents every year. Job growth is the highest in Canada, and the entire world of technology seems to be rolling right to our door step. 


Toronto will only grow. All the people who have so much reason to come here will all eventually find themselves a home. With prices growing every single year, eventually, you have to ask: In 10 years, will I be a tenant or a landlord?

The Relationship

You won't see us advertised on bus stops, and you won't see us handing out flyers. We work on the relationship. You, as our client, are our lifeline. Once you do business with us, you'll see exactly what we mean. Many of our clients have been working with us for over 10 years, because we bring guidance, competence, and most importantly, results.


Being a client with Invest Precon, you won't feel forgotten, cheated, or confused. We will maintain our relationship long after you've signed your first deal, because we want to watch you grow with us.