The Platinum Club

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What is the Platinum Club?

We take great pride in creating and maintaining relationships with our clients. Some clients stand out as pure bred investors, seeing the value of increasing their net worth exponentionally through real estate.


The Platinum Club offers a fund-like management of your assets. If you meet our criteria for joining the Club, your capital is put forward into our investment pool, allowing us to receive enormous discounts on projects, as well as premiere selections of floorplans to ensure that our club makes the most of every dollar. 


For the right people, this hands-off approach to investing with us is an amazing opportunity. With our experience and relationships with Toronto Developers, you can rest assured you're investing in opportunities you simply would not be able to procure as a lone investor.


For more information, please fill out our form, and we will get back to you to discuss qualification for the Platinum Club.

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